Homework 5: Android Primer

This homework assignment is a bit different from what I’ve assigned in the past. This isn’t a programming problem; rather, I’d like to prime you guys for Android development, just to get a taste of it.

A few members have indicated interest in such a direction, so I figured one homework problem to get us all into the “Hello World” mode would be a nice way to gauge serious interest.

The assignment is to download and install the Android SDK, which is free and comes with a free phone emulator.

Using the SDK and the emulator, write a program that will let the user enter a string into a text field. Using any method you would like (provide a button to push, or update the display dynamically), display the pig-latin form of the text that the user typed in.

For example, if the user types in “Hello World”, your program should display “elloHay orldWay” back to them.

Bring your solutions to our February meeting.

Here is a link to the Android SDK:

Feel free to discuss the problem or any other topics you are interested in on our mailing list (accessible via our Meetup Group).

Provided Solutions

Bill R.