We are programmers in the Hudson Valley interested in data structures, algorithms, and writing clever, powerful programs in a variety of languages. We meet monthly and discuss any programming topics that interest us.

We focus on writing correct code that fits the philosophy of the language and paradigm it is written in.

Some meetings may be spent going over old programming problems (perhaps from ACM or ICFP or TopCoder) and solving them in different ways.

Some meetings may be actual programming competitions - in groups or individually - so that we can program for fun and improve our skills.

Some meetings may be small talks on different languages, techniques, or other interesting things going on in the world of programming. Different members are encouraged to talk about what interests them.

And some meetings we may decide to hack on an open source project for fun.

We meet monthly and we are always looking for new members, so come visit the meetup group and sign up - it’s free!

This group was started in July of 2008 by Frank, who is a programmer in the Hudson Valley who wanted a group setting in which to discuss programs, programming problems, new programming techniques and languages, and to meet and learn from other programmers in the area.