Meeting - November 25, 2008

Our fifth meeting was a success. Five of us got together over dinner at the Palace Diner in Poughkeepsie and discussed the homework problem that I gave out at the last meeting.

People thought a bit about solutions in Python and Prolog, and a few researched many of the heuristic-based techniques that people have come up with to minimize the search space that a brute-force algorithm may ultimately have to search for the final answer.

We also discussed many topics about where to go from here. I haven’t assigned a new homework assignment; we’re going to discuss on the mailing list whether we want to investigate embedded development for one of the new phone platforms or concurrent development to take advantage of the parallel age or something different alltogether. I’ll update this page as we decide.

Feel free to discuss any topics you are interested in on our mailing list (accessible via our Meetup Group).