Meeting - September 16, 2008

Our third meeting was a success. Six of us got together over dinner at the Palace Diner in Poughkeepsie and discussed the homework problem that I gave out at the last meeting.

People brought in solutions in C#, Haskell, and Python. Solutions ranged from brute-force grid searches to randomized algorithms. Some of us also thought about what kinds of letters to put in the empty spaces to make the puzzle more interesting to the one who had to find all the words once we filled in the grid.

We also discussed other topics including Scala, a statically-typed language that compiles down to Java bytecode, and Python, a dynamic language with a very clean syntax.

For our next meeting, we decided to tackle another programming problem.

Feel free to discuss the problem or any other topics you are interested in on our mailing list (accessible via our Meetup Group).